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What are our goals?

The main goal of Drunk Raider Weekend is to provide an environment where all of our players can have fun playing Everquest 2.

Another key goal of many of the members of D.R.W. is to maintain a strong raid force so that we can take on as many of the more challenging quests and high-end content as possible. If you like to raid then you will fit in well in D.R.W. Here are some major highlights of the guild:

We raid Thursday-Sunday (7pm-10pm EST) Form up for raids are 10minutes before scheduled time.

 If you come into guild as a raider we expect you to attend at the given time, or notify one of the leaders/officers before the scheduled start time if you cannot attend or are going to be late.

 Raids will be formed based on need for success of a zone, classes in attendance, rank of player, and Raid Leader discretion. Although we want to include everyone, SOE has seen fit to allow us to take only twenty-four.

We will not kick members out of the guild if they do not wish to raid.

We use Ventrilo for voice communication while playing the game. This is not required on a day to day basis, but is required on raids. You do not have to speak while using Ventrilo (in fact, during raids it's best to speak only when necessary) but a headset with a microphone is required.

Drunk Raiders Weekend uses a Dragon Kill Points (DKP) system for raids, which rewards points based on arriving to raid form-up on time and number of hours of raid.


·         10DKP if on time for raid

·         10DKP per hour

·         5DKP per zone boss kill

·         50DKP min bid for an item

·         100DKP min bid for primary alts Or 50plat bid (Main alt must be in guild!)

·         200DKP Min for non-primary alts Or 100plat bid

·         DKP cap of 1000.

(DKP Alt bids take priority over plat bids)

(Anything not bought by member will be sold for monthly plat split.)


Bidding Process

·         Main Raider

·         Apps (Probation)

·         Primary Alts

·         All other Alts

·         None Raiders fall under the primary alts.


·         App period is 3weeks from join date

·         One a app makes member they forfeit 50% of earned DKP

·         Probation (Under 75% Raid Attendance) has same loot rights as apps.

Plat Splits

·         Must maintain 75% Raid Attendance to be eligible for plat split.

·         Plat split amount is based on raid attendance %

·         Plat split will be done on the 1st of every month

·         Apps do not receive a plat split

·         Must be a promoted raider for a total of 14days to receive a plat split


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